Our mission is to provide the solutions needed to take advantage of the new technologies

The Client is at the center of our perspective

We listen to Customers needs and translate them into reliable and effective solutions

We are experts in Continuous Improvement and 360° Approach

Virtualize Your Business

Take the opportunity to fully virtualize your business and be able to re-design your structure and resources as per your current needs

Work seamless remotely and on-site

Become fully scalable reaching maximum level of open collaboration and communication, reduction of costs and increase in productivity

Automate Your Communication Flow

How to manage, coordinate and automate your communication flow providing proper and secure distribution and delivery?

How to allows internal and external counterparties to act without the need to know the organization structure?

Maxieweb can answer these and other questions you may have

A correct and secure communication management can save up to 50% of your employees work time.

Continuous Improvement

Is this something you can apply to your business?

Continuous Improvement requires your organization to be transparent, flexible and scalable
An high level of coordination between Knowledge and Change Management functions can allow you to leverage on your assets, delivering effective enhancements

Issues are the best opportunity for improvement!
Case Management
Maxieweb can assist you in managing your legal cases reducing your legal costs and risks!

We provide the secure environment needed to create, store and share your case information
We act as un hub between you and all the other counterparts, preserving your interests and ensuring all procedures are correctly completed
HR Procedure Support

OSINT Research
Wet verbetering Poortwachter
Employee Advocacy & Mediation
End User Education

Word and Figurative Trademarks Ideas
Trademark Design & Research
Trademark Registration
Objections Management
Domain Names Registration & Aquisition
Contract & SLA
Not sure about the contract or service level agreement you are about to sign?
We can review these documents for you providing the required adjustment or clarifications

What about on-going contracts?
Should you not be satisfied with the current price or level of service, we can handle these issues for you protecting the relation with your supplier
GDPR Compliance
Verify if the EU GDPR applies to your case
Take the test

Do you process personal data by automated means wholly or partly?

Do you process personal data to be or intended to be stored in a filing system or archive?

Does your activity falls outside the scope of Union law?

Do you represent a Member State curring common foreign or security activities?

Are you a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity?

Do you represent a competent authorities for the purposes of the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, including the safeguarding against and the prevention of threats to public security?

Do you represent an Union institutions, bodies, offices or agencies?

Are you established in the Union?

Do you process personal data of data subject in the Union for the offering of goods or services, or the monitoring of their behaviour as far as their behaviour takes place within the Union?


System Forensics and Data Triage
Data Recovery
Document Review
Code Review
Project Management
We assists your Organization through the whole project life cycle providing direction, day-to-day management, product delivery, knowledge management, budgetary control, planning and more

We deliver full control and visibility on budget, status and agenda for each stage, activity, task and deliverable
Operations and Services Management
Take control of your business making it dynamic, transparent and actionable
Doable360 is the right solution to manage and control all your company operations

Doable360 provides direct access to business data, analysis, people, skills and knowledge

Ensure your organizational goals are consistently met
Maxieweb can help you implementing Scrum in your organization and to automate the production of all Scrum artifacts

Want to know more?
Please visit the Scrum360 website
Application Design & Development
Make your head and hands free by using state-of-the-art technology solutions

Maxieweb can take the full project responsibility and deliver the agreed solution on time and on budget
We can help you in improving you SDLC and in managing your projects
We provide on site and remote application support

Incident Management
Application Vulnerability Scanning
Threat Identification and Mitigation
Code Review
Security Configuration and Recovery
Information Security
End User Education
IT Consultancy

Project Management
Open Source Implementation
UI Design & Development
Backend Solution for Web and Mobile
Website Design
Stunning Graphics and Logos

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